Physiotherapist Says Dragon DMO is The “Best Speech Recognition”


  • Michael Otto is a self-employed Physiotherapist and has extensive experience in the medical field.
  • He has been a VoicePower client for over 3 years.
  • Has been a Dragon user in some form for over 10 years.


  • Michael was looking for speech recognition with a great medical vocabulary and that met his accuracy standards.
  • He also wanted a method to make note typing faster.


  • Michael upgraded to Dragon Medical One and found it to be “the best” he has used.
  • Dragon DMO has followed and supported Michael through his various job roles.

A little bit of background

Michael Otto first became a client of VoicePower Ltd when he was in a previous position at an NHS Trust in Lancashire. Working in the Physiotherapy department, Michael was one of 15+ users at the trust chosen to be involved in the Dragon Medical One rollout.

Since then, Michael has become a self-employed physiotherapist working as a sole trader processing approximately 20-30 patients per week.

Dragon DMO

Dragon DMO is “the best” speech recognition engine out there

Throughout his many years working in the healthcare field, Michal has tried various different versions of speech recognition; this included Dragon NaturallySpeaking and other non-Dragon engines.

Although put to the test, neither of these offerings was the right fit for Michael: “I found that Dragon NaturallySpeaking lacked in accuracy.”

That was until Michael was introduced to Dragon DMO (Dragon Medical One) through VoicePower Ltd, the approved speech recognition supplier of his previous employer, an NHS Trust in Lancashire.

The trust rolled out DMO to approximately 15 users to help with their clinical documentation and Michael was one of them.

“Dragon Medical One is the best speech recognition I have come across with a medical vocabulary, its responsive and accurate.”

Michael Otto
Dragon DMO

Support in every role

Since discovering Dragon Medical One, Michael has changed professions twice, most recently starting his own Physiotherapist business – and of course, Dragon had to go with him!

VoicePower has been Michaels’s supplier throughout his career over the years, providing him with his license, training and support when he needs it.

“I found training with VoicePower excellent, the trainers were very interested in any technical difficulties I was experiencing and happy to help me resolve.”

Michael Otto

Especially in his new role, the Physiotherapist continues to see great benefits: “It has made my note-writing much faster” – and he’s not the only one:

“I know all of my Physiotherapy colleagues who are using it are finding it an excellent time saving.”

Michael Otto

For Michael, and many other speech recognition users, having professionals on-hand to guide and support you throughout the deployment and ongoing use of the software is key.

“I have been very happy with the support service from VoicePower, the support staff are conscientious and interested in the product and in delivering an excellent service. This was the most important thing to me as a user of Dragon DMO as technical difficulties are something that need addressing as soon as possible in my line of work. Having good support staff who are knowledgeable and interested in the context is more than worth a difference in price cost compared to other providers. We will continue to use VoicePower based on this.”

Michael Otto

Are you ready to ditch typing?

If you are over typing your clinical documentation or your secretaries need a break then we can help. Contact us for a no-obligation chat and workflow assessment or try Dragon Medical One for yourself!

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