Nuance Dragon Anywhere Improves Profitability for Walker Foster Solicitors

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  • Walker Foster has been practicing for over 100 years, being established in 1919.
  • They have built and incredible team of 60+ legal experts over 7 different offices throughout Yorkshire including Skipton, Settle, Ilkley and Northallerton.


  • Before working with VoicePower, the legal firm were using a transcription method with the use of voice recorders.
  • They wanted a workflow solution that would provide them with flexibility and improved accuracy so that they could work from anywhere at any time.
  • Speed and accuracy were also something they were hoping to improve.


  • Managing Director, Keith Hardington, and two other solicitors are using Dragon Professional Anywhere with plans for this number to grow.
  • The early indications of the use of speech recognition are that it is saving time and allowing people to use their time more profitably.
  • Nuance Dragon Anywhere delivers “accuracy and flexibility at a reasonable cost”.

About Walker Foster Solicitors

Walker Foster Solicitors is a long-standing legal firm based in Yorkshire. With over seven offices and 60+ staff, they specialise in supporting individuals, family businesses and SMEs with property, Wills, disputes and family law to business contracts and sales and acquisitions of businesses in various sectors.

Founded in 1919, the firm is well respected and renowned within their region and pride themselves on delivering an outstanding service to clients.

Having worked with VoicePower since 2010, Walker Foster truly understands the impact of speech technologies, and so we asked Managing Director & Head of Corporate and Commercial, Keith Hardington, to join us to discuss their journey with speech recognition.

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The power of speech

Although they were initially using voice recorders and transcription when they first made contact with VoicePower, it didn’t take long for Keith to take interest in speech recognition software.

With the aim of speeding up his documentation, Keith quickly embraced the Dragon Professional Group version which was created specifically for multiple users within organisations.

“I found speech recognition helpful for emails and anywhere else where text is required.”

Keith Hardington

Keith continued to use Dragon Professional Group for two years during which he became a fluent user and reaped great benefits with Dragon.

Keen to ensure that their clients have the best possible workflow, VoicePower recommended Walker Foster to upgrade to the latest Dragon Professional Anywhere version. Not only did this version have improved accuracy and improved user interface but it was also the first cloud-based option within the Nuance portfolio.

Due to being hosted within the cloud, there is no need for infrastructure amendments, meaning users can optimise savings on the adaptation of IT infrastructure. With this also comes un-restricted use and incredible flexibility.

Keith explained his reasoning for being interested in the cloud-version and why he was interested in trailing it:

“We have used previous versions of Dragon but wanted more flexibility across devices allowing us to work from any location at any time.”

Keith Hardington
nuance dragon anywhere

New & improved with Nuance Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere was the first cloud solution from Nuance, but most importantly it is completely GDPR compliant with the UK’s regulations.

Meaning your dictations are fully protected and stay within the UK as opposed to being sent over to God-knows where! In short, both Walker Foster’s and their clients’ information is completely safe and kept confidential, as it should be.

With VoicePower’s support and guidance throughout the trial, Keith went on to find excellent new features within the Nuance Dragon Anywhere version, as he explains:

“Dragon Professional Anywhere is our preferred technology that delivers accuracy and flexibility. We get efficiency at a reasonable cost. For some of us, it is faster and more accurate than typing.”

Keith Hardington

Happy with the results of the trial, it was a no-brainer for Keith to trade in his old version for Dragon Professional Anywhere.

At the time of writing this, Walker Foster has ordered two more Dragon licences for two of their solicitors and in his own words, Keith “expects this number to grow” as he shares Dragon’s potential and benefits are with his colleagues.

“It is a big improvement on earlier versions. In the short time I’ve been using it, it is saving time and allowing people to use their time more profitably. Editing is also faster because accuracy is better.”

Keith Hardington

Furthermore, Keith is enjoying the power of speech wherever he goes thanks to the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app (DAM) that partners with Dragon Professional Anywhere PC version. Highly intelligent, the app is fully synced to the desktop licence meaning all of your customised commands, auto-texts and more are transferrable between your computer and your phone.

VoicePower also helped with the IT and installation of the App to ensure that any technical issues encountered were resolved quickly. Keith speaks highly of VoicePower’s support service, by assuring that “Deirdre has been excellent” at getting him up and running as quickly as possible.

“I hope that we see greater use of this technology to allow our valuable people to increasingly use their time productively and to improve their experience working at Walker Foster.”

Keith Hardington
Watch our Dragon Professional Anywhere demonstration here!

Ready to make speech work for you?

If you think your business could also benefit from a speech recognition solution like Walker Foster’s, we’d be more than happy to help you find the right solution for you.

We’re able to offer free 7-day trials of various Dragon versions as well as carry out complete workflow audits and advise you on how you can solve your documentation bug-bears.

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