Legal Exec Doubles Fee Income with Nuance Dragon Anywhere


  • Matthew Ainsworth is a Chartered Legal Executive at Eccles Heddon LLP
  • Working in the Private Client Department, Matthew oversees Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate as well as dealing with various Residential and Private Client Conveyancing matters.
  • Eccles Heddon LLP is a high-street law firm with traditional values. They are a firm of around 50 members of staff.


  • Matthew previously used digital dictation but found it difficult to keep track of what work he had allocated to support staff and relied on the memory of what had been asked to be done.
  • He wanted something that would allow him to action in the moment and keep track of his work.


  • Matthew started using Nuance Dragon Anywhere for his reporting. He is now in charge of his documentation which frees up the time of the admin staff for more important jobs.
  • He can easily keep track of his own dictations and their progress.
  • Matthew has doubled his fee income since using this method of reporting and says Dragon has dramatically improved his workflow.
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About Eccles Heddon LLP

Eccles Heddon LLP is a legal firm with offices spanning over Yorkshire including Ripon, Thirsk, and Bedale.

The firm prides itself on having traditional values and allocating its clients a dedicated lawyer throughout transactions for a high level of service. They provide high-quality legal advice, whilst being friendly and approachable.

The team consist of around 50 members of staff of which Matthew Ainsworth is one. Matthew specialises in Private Law and qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in December 2020.

As a valued client of VoicePower, Matthew talks us through his experience with legal document creation and the impact that Nuance Dragon Anywhere has had in his role.

Matthew Ainsworth - Legal Exec at Eccles Heddon LLP

Finding The Right Workflow

VoicePower has worked with Eccles Heddon since 2016. Their working relationship started out through VoicePower supplying them with the Olympus dictation system (read their testimonial for this software here). They have recently facilitated the firms’ switch to Philips SpeechLive.

However, Matthew didn’t quite gel with a digital dictation workflow:

“Digital dictation for me proved to be difficult to keep track of what work I had allocated to support staff and relied on my memory of what had been asked to be done.”

Matthew Ainsworth – Chartered Legal Executive

Experiences like Matthew’s aren’t unheard of in VoicePower’s line of work. Finding the right workflow that suits everyone within the organisation is a process and what works for one person, may not work for another.

However, this is where working with a speech technology expert is really important. Matthew expressed his opinion on digital dictation and VoicePower were able to step in and offer an alternative for him.

That’s where Nuance Dragon Anywhere came in.

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Nuance Dragon Anywhere: The Right Match for Matthew

VoicePower recommended Dragon Professional Anywhere by Nuance Communications for Matthew. It allows him to work independently and take charge of his own workflow.

Dragon is 3x faster than typing and allows users to create documents in real time by simply speaking into a microphone connected to their computer.

VoicePower procured Matthew’s Dragon license and hardware, set it up for him and taught him everything he needed to know about using it.

Very quickly Matthew realised that Dragon made a “drastic improvement” to his workflow:

“Nuance Dragon Anywhere has changed the way I work for the better. It has helped me to increase my efficiency drastically allowing me to dictate letters and notes straight to text, eliminating the need for someone to transcribe it. This means that the admin team’s time is freed up and we are able to complete higher volumes of work more quickly with less stress.”

Matthew Ainsworth – Chartered Legal Executive

Although the only Dragon user at Eccles Heddon, Matthew has found the system to be exactly what he needed. Not only is it a desktop application, but it also has a smartphone app for added productivity no matter the location.

“I use Dragon to dictate my jobs into an email which I then forward on to staff to review. Doing the work like this means I can easily keep track of what has been sent, and the progress of that work and eliminate menial tasks such as transcription of file notes by doing them myself!”

dragon legal anywhere

Excelling With The Right Support

Matthew explains: “My fee income for the firm has doubled since using this method of working” and the support from his reseller, VoicePower Ltd, has a big part to play in his success with speech recognition.

VoicePower’s role as a supplier means that they are there through every step from procuring the software and hardware, installation, set-up, training and ongoing support thereafter.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Matthew who says:

“The VoicePower team is great. They got the system set up for me and gave me an in-depth tutorial on how to get the most out of it. The technical team were friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and always available quickly to assist with technical difficulties.”

Matthew Ainsworth – Chartered Legal Executive

Are you looking for a way to make your legal firm more productive and efficient? Maybe your backlog is too big or your turnaround time is too long?

Try Dragon speech recognition free for 7 days and unleash the potential.

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