Legal Speech Recognition Transforms Newtons Solicitors


  • A large firm of solicitors in North Yorkshire
  • 120 staff across 12 offices
  • Old digital dictation system “creaking under the strain” of a much larger firm


  • Create a system allowing reporting so capacity can be identified across difference offices
  • Minimize disruption to the busy team during implementation and initial use
  • Provide a system with the ability to expand as the company grows further


  • Reporting facility has already allowed workload to be shared more effectively
  • A smooth change-over, with little disruption and software that is easy to use at all levels
  • New users can be added and concurrent licenses minimize costs
legal speech recognition

After almost a decade in business, Newtons Solicitors has grown significantly.

With five acquisitions under its belt, the company had incorporated more than 120 staff across its 12 offices around North Yorkshire.

Sites include Darlington, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leyburn, Richmond, Ripon, Stokesley, York, Thirsk, and North Allerton.

The Problem

Pip Breen, Training and Development Manager at Newton’s, said: “Our original digital voice recorders and secretarial system were ideal in the early days, but it was creaking under the strain of a much larger and extremely busy firm.”

“We also wanted a reporting facility to enable us to identify capacity across our offices. Therefore, we needed greater flexibility so that the system could grow with us in the future.”

Pip Breen
legal speech recognition

The Resolution

After assessing the needs of the team at Newton’s, VoicePower recommended the Winscribe system.

As Winscribe Partners, VoicePower knew this would meet their requirements effectively.

As a server-based solution, Winscribe can be centrally managed to enable them to manage the work across all of their branches from one place.

During implementation, VoicePower was able to keep downtime to a minimum.

Strategic planning meant the new software could be combined with their existing hardware – the Olympus digital voice recorders and secretarial equipment, which were still in good condition. This helped control the costs.

Pip says that, as a result of introducing the new software, the team at Newton’s is already seeing improvements.

Because of the reporting capabilities of Winscribe, it’s possible to see which office is busy with typing and which is quieter.

Therefore, the teams can share the workload across different offices and work more efficiently.

legal speech recognition

Flexible for Future Growth

Being able to do this will improve Newtons’ turnaround times and thus enable them to deal with client matters faster.

Ultimately, this will provide better customer service which is key to their growth and values.

The new system is also flexible enough to adapt to future growth, so it is a long-term investment for the firm.

Their admin manager is able to add new users easily and the whole team is finding the new software simple to use.

One of the benefits of Winscribe is its pricing model, which is charged on a concurrent basis. This means that, with a team totalling 100 typists, but only 60 working at any one time, you only need 60 licenses.

Pip said: “VoicePower helped and supported from project planning to implementation and hand-holding”.

“With VoicePower’s support, implementation was very easy. We had a project plan in place, our larger offices were split to avoid too much disruption, and the whole process was very smooth.”

“The team also helped with the initial teething problems as we started using the new system. And their service has been excellent, we would certainly recommend VoicePower to others.”

Pip Breen
legal speech recognition

The Future

Since the adoption of the Winscribe digital dictation VoicePower has also managed a successful Dragon speech recognition pilot within the firm. 

Since then, Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition has been deployed to the firm’s fee earners.

This will increase efficiencies further and will also provide those fee earners with additional flexibility in how they can get their work including file notes, emails, case management updates and letters created.

legal speech recognition

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