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Time equals Money…Dragon NaturallySpeaking software saves legal practitioner time and money by dramatically increasing productivity.

VoicePower Ltd, a leading provider of speech solutions, today announced that Waddington Webber Solicitors is using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional to bring increased accuracy, speed, ease of use and flexibility to its working practices, as well as optimising the quality of service it offers its clients. The company is using the power of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional to quickly and accurately convert the spoken word into the written word, when creating e-mails, statements, letters or other correspondence.

Founded in 1967, Waddington Webber is a firm of solicitors specialising in areas such as Real Estate, Employment Law, Matrimonial and Personal Injury affairs. The firm continues to develop and direct its resources to maintain and support its established private client work. The firm prides itself on utilising the latest proven technology to improve productivity amongst its employees.

Waddington Webber states that using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional specifically benefits both the business and its clients; thanks to Dragon’s ability to dramatically increase a user’s productivity, the company can dictate and process large amounts of complex legal documentation quickly, efficiently and thus ensuring that Waddington Webber maintains the promptness of service that its growing client base expects.

Speaking about his decision to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Graeme A Webber, Director, Waddington Webber Solicitors, said: “I have been a user of speech recognition because of the flexibility, speed, reliability and accuracy which the software provides, when dictating long pieces of work or amending documents displayed on a screen and in a suitable format. I also find that I can speak and dictate swiftly, so that my ideas and thoughts can be communicated to the screen quickly. When combined with the ability to scroll through an emerging and developing piece of work, I can move from one part to another to add, delete, or move the words to suit.” Following Mr Webber’s experience, Waddington Webber subsequently introduced voice recognition to its entire staff.

In addition to its speed and accuracy, other factors that encouraged the company-wide deployment included Nuance’s dominance in the speech recognition market, and Dragon’s compatibility with Waddington Webber’s existing IT infrastructure platform, which ensured an easy integration.

A further reason was the excellent training and support received from VoicePower Ltd. A long-standing Nuance Premier Partner, VoicePower Ltd is local to Waddington Webber in WestYorkshire. VoicePower Ltd provided the services for Waddington Webber which allowed them to get the process underway and supplied the final licenses required for the firm roll out.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking
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