Dragon Medical client testimonial – Physiotherapist

“Hello my name is Rob Harris,

I am dictating this testimonial, in a busy Starbucks in Deansgate in Manchester City Centre.
I have been using the Dragon Medical speech recognition software for my work as a physiotherapist, for approximately 6 weeks now.

I, like many people, tried Dragon software, some 15 or 16 years ago when it was first released.  Equally, whilst impressed at the time with what it could do, I felt that the accuracy did not merit plugging it into my daily working life.  This was because the inaccuracies, at that stage, cost me more time than if I just typed it, or had it transcribed for me.  For various reasons, I have returned to try Dragon, in 2017 – this time with the help of Nuance Healthcare Elite partner VoicePower Ltd.

At this stage, I can categorically state, that this speech recognition software makes my working life, and thus my life, significantly better.

VoicePower is an amazing company.  I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism right from the initial phone call, through to the consultation, quotation and the implementation stages.  I would like to offer my thanks to Liam and Matt in particular, Liam was completely independent, flexible, amenable and efficient in loading the software on to my computer.  Matt patiently and professionally took me through two training sessions, these have been nothing short of the highest standards of professionalism.  VoicePower has made the entire implementation process seamless and easy and every single representative of the company went that extra mile!

I must say that when I attended my first training session I did wonder whether I really needed training, I had the expectation that the software would work perfectly straight out of the box.  In absolute honesty you do have to invest 2-3 weeks, training the software to your individual requirements.  The training provided by VoicePower was invaluable.  The VoicePower trainers are all Nuance Dragon Certified Instructors and they teach you all of the remarkable features of the software (which is far more extensive than you may imagine) but more importantly, it gets you off on the right track in terms of both training the program correctly / effectively and incorporating the solution into your workflow.  As someone who has dictated throughout my career it is also important to understand the best ways to talk to the computer.

There is a degree of commitment required in getting the solution customised and integrated into your working life, VoicePower make this swift and enable you to reap a return on your investment much quicker than you would do by fumbling about with the help files.  I needed to get up and running quickly, with as little downtime as possible, VoicePower make this happen.  I also have an annual support contract which enables me to call upon their expertise when I need help, this support also includes an hour’s remote training so I will be able to consolidate my learning and perhaps automate my workflow further in the future.

I cannot recommend Dragon Medical speech recognition software or VoicePower Ltd highly enough, my friends and family thank you for all the addition time I get to spend with them instead of finishing off my notes at work!”

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