Belford Medical Practice Find Success with Nuance Medical Software


  • Based in North Northumberland.
  • Main surgery in Belford, another in Seahouses.
  • A relatively small practice with 4500 patients with a large influx of temporary patients.
  • Already using Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.


  • Already using Nuance Medical speech recognition, also known as Dragon, but looking to upgrade due to Windows 7 becoming end of life.


  • Belford is using the most up to date medical version of Dragon: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.
  • The practice is entitled to all upgrades and fixes from the manufacturer.
  • Dragon is working seamlessly with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.
Nuance Medical

About Belford Medical Practice

The practice is based in North Northumberland with our main surgery at Belford. They also have a second branch surgery 9 miles further east at Seahouses.

Belford Medical Practice is a team of 25 staff members and has been running out of our current building since 1989.

In their own words, Belford Medical Practice is a small practice with 4500 patients.

However, they have a large holiday influx and therefore see a lot of temporary patients staying in the area on holiday.

Taking Care of Their Dragon

Belford Medical Practice has been using Nuance’s Medical speech recognition software for many years.

VoicePower assisted them during this first instance in choosing a solution that would help reduce their turnaround and improve their client experience.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 did exactly that.

Although this version was the latest and most-suited version at that time, Nuance is always improving and developing the technology.

It was only when Microsoft announced that Windows 7 was to be end of life in 2020, that Practice Manager, Lorraine Douglas reached out to VoicePower again.

The news from Microsoft meant that some versions of Dragon and other speech technology solutions wouldn’t be supported.

This meant that some aspects of the software wouldn’t install and that when errors occurred, they would not be able to get technical advice and support from Microsoft themselves.

Therefore, when Lorraine approached VoicePower about this, we knew exactly what to do: Upgrade their Nuance Medical software to a newer version.

Nuance Medical

New Version, New Possibilities with Nuance Medical Software

The team at Belford were happy with their current version of Dragon by Nuance.

“We did not feel that the system was outdated but because of IT upgrades essentially windows 10 we had to upgrade to a newer version.”

Lorraine Douglas

However, they understood the necessity to upgrade to a new version in order to get the best out of the software.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is a front-end, real-time, on-premise speech recognition solution with artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, the software is designed for medical professionals with an in-built medical vocabulary and full compatibility with various EPR systems including EMIS and SystmOne.

“All three Partners at our practice are now upgraded and using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.”

Lorraine Douglas

Furthermore, Lorraine isn’t just pleased with the Nuance Medical software:

VoicePower have been very helpful throught the whole process, from initial interest, to installation and technical support”

Lorraine Douglas

See it for yourself – Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition working within SystmOne!


If you think that medical speech recognition could benefit your practice and you’d like to reduce turnaround times then get in touch.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions and provide quotes.

Nuance medical

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