Dragon has “Major Impact” at Ashworth Street Surgery


  • A medical practice that has been providing a quality service to its patients since 1999.
  • Two branches, one in Rochdale and the other in Norden.
  • The team consists of 7 partners, 3 salaried doctors, and 2 nurse practitioners.



  • Reduce the large backlog which the secretarial team was working hard to process.
  • Eliminate time spent on inputting data and correcting manual typing errors.
  • Find a system in which patient consultations, referral forms, and referral letters are completed promptly and with ease.



  • More detailed and accurate consultation write-ups.
  • The significant backlog was reduced as well as the workload of Ashworth Street doctors.
  • Doctors now spend more time with patients and less time listening whilst typing.








Ashworth Street Surgery is committed to offering high-quality care to their valued patients, With over twenty years in the healthcare sector.

However, they decided it was time for a medical makeover and contacted Nuance Healthcare Elite Partner, VoicePower Ltd to find the right solution for them.

Hence, we caught up with one of Ashworth Streets dedicated doctors, Dr. Steve Doyle to reflect on their journey to a more efficient practice.









The hurdle

The surgery pinpointed the amount of time spent inputting patient consultations, creating referral letters and forms as the reason for seeking the professional advice of VoicePower Ltd.

Dr. Doyle expressed the manual inputting of data to be a tipping point for him personally. He stated, “I spent a lot of time correcting typing errors, as someone who is a poor typist”. Additionally, “our administration team had a big backlog of typing”.

Ultimately, Ashworth Street Surgery was seeking a means of creating documentation which was more simple and a lot more time-efficient.


The solution

After reaching out to VoicePower Ltd – The Speech Recognition People, Dr. Doyle met with our team to discuss their current workflow system and their objectives in trading this system in for something brand-new.

Ashworth Street Surgery then expressed its aims, objectives, and results they would like to achieve with their new solution. Following this assessment period and getting to know the requirements of the practice, VoicePower’s team decided on a solution that would best fit their needs.

That solution was Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, the speech recognition solution curated by Nuance Communications. This particular version of software delivers precise, accurate speech recognition and clinicians can dictate directly into a patient’s electronic records. Most importantly, it has an in-built medical vocabulary to ensure 99% accuracy and is compliant with most EPR systems.








Speech recognition has had a major impact on the way we work

After receiving their onsite training from certified Dragon Medical trainers in the VoicePower team, Ashworth surgery was ready to transform their workflow.

Dr. Doyle confirms that speech recognition now assists him in all aspects of his role: “I need to make entries into patient’s records during a consultation, complete referral forms and produce various referral letters. With all of these situations, I now use speech recognition”.

Furthermore, Dr.Doyle’s quality of work has also improved; “because I have more time, my consultations contain more information and are more detailed than they perhaps were previously”.

Impressed with the impact of the technology, Steve admits: “prior to the introduction of speech recognition, our administration team had a big backlog of typing which has been greatly reduced“.







As a result, Dr. Doyle went on to say “I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say the use of speech recognition has had a major impact on the way that I work“.


A health check from a Dragon

Ashworth Street Surgery works tirelessly to ensure the health of their patients, and now realise the importance of caring for the business in the same way. Thanks to the implementation of Dragon Medical speech recognition, users can save a minimum of an hour per day.

Furthermore, doctors at the surgery maximised their return on investment by choosing to be trained on their new software by VoicePower Ltd.  Following the training, the doctors enjoyed a smooth transition to their new product.

Additionally, they are able to utilise Dragon to its full ability through learning tips, trick, and its various functions. Dr. Doyle has benefitted from the training, agreeing that “using speech recognition has become second nature, I am now very comfortable using it“.







Through developing his skills, Dr. Doyle has noticed what he called “a significant reduction in GP workload“. As a result of this reduction, he is happy to say that ” I get more time to actually spend talking to the patients rather than looking away whilst typing“.

Similarly, the staff aren’t the only ones enjoying the benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition. The patients are too: “Medical safety is improved with the ability to record more detailed information quickly. The quality of the consultations are improved with its usage and with that, the service quality provided to the patients has increased“.

Evidently, once you make the leap, you won’t look back: “I feel grieved when to start typing things into the computer when I am at home using my own PC!



Dr.Doyle using Dragon Medical Practice Edition and EMIS EPR system – Watch now!



What does Ashworth Street Surgery think about us?

“Voice Power provided excellent service with the introduction of speech recognition into this practice. The on-site individual training was excellent and any queries have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

I feel that should a problem arise I can quickly contact Voice Power and they respond to my needs appropriately. I look forward to utilising any further products that they develop

Therefore, I would have no hesitation in recommending the system to others and I have indeed done so”


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