NEW Philips Update – SpeechLive Release

Calling all SpeechLive users!

There is a new release of the software that includes bug fixes, new features and generally improves the functionality of your dictation software.

This Philips update will be done automatically, however, as a Philips Premier Partner, our training and technical support team are on hand should you have any questions.

Here is all of the information that you need to know about this Philips update.

Philips Device Connector

The Philips Device Connector is a new piece of software introduced with this update.

This feature benefits those working in virtual environments and using both SpeechLive and Philips hardware such as the SpeechOne or SpeechMike.

Users will no longer need to enable a specific button mode to use Philips dictation hardware with SpeechLive.

Philips update

Additionally, the SpeechLive web browser doesn’t have to be visible in order for the software to work.

Ultimately, this means that Philips dictation hardware is plug in and play, ensuring complete simplicity and effortlessness when using Philips dictation workflows.

The Philips Device Connector also means users can use their transcription devices in virtual environments.

Stay Signed In

SpeechLive allows you to log in from your account wherever you are, allowing users the freedom to continue working without worrying about the time or the device used.

The new Philips update allows you to stay signed in, this allows you to stay signed in on the very same computer and browser for 90 days.

Philips update

We understand that logging in every single time can be frustrating and so this new feature will improve user functionality.

However, to protect your data from unauthorised access, there is a built in function that automatically logs you out if you have been idle for a specific time.

If you log in on a different device, SpeechLive will remember your sessions and give an option to continue the active session or create a new one.

Extended Dictation History

Previously, SpeechLive users have been able to access all of the dictations that you’ve uploaded or created in the last 30 days.

With this new update, Philips has extended the timeframe, allowing you to access your dictations from up to 12 months ago.

All you have to do, is select 12 months on the CSV drop down option.

Philips update

If you have any questions surrounding the SpeechLive software update then we’d be happy to help!

Contact our technical support team at for guidance.

June 3, 2020
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