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Don’t say we never treat you, we’re offering 50% off Philips SpeechExec for a limited time only!

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise is a proved and trusted dictation management system that links professionals and their typists.

Unlike any other solution out there, SpeechExec Enterprise is also available with Dragon speech recognition integration and therefore offers over four workflow possibilities making it extremely flexible and adaptable.

Available via the cloud or hosted on your businesses’ servers (on-premise), here’s what makes it so special…

Two solutions in one – Dragon Professional Anywhere integration

We understand that when it comes to finding a workflow that suits your business, one size doesn’t always fit all; Some people may need a traditional dictation workflow using a typist to transcribe, others find speech recognition better, some might need a combination of both or even self-sufficiency – That’s what makes SpeechExec Enterprise so flexible, it can do it all!

This new version from Philips allows users to enjoy their own dictation system whereby they can capture, send, and transcribe jobs as well as have full and un-restricted access to Dragon Professional Anywhere!

But what workflow options does SpeechExec offer its users? Let us show you…

speechexec enterprise

The dictation transcription workflow

This first workflow method is the traditional use for the Philips SpeechExec system.

  • The person capturing the notes/documentation (also known as the author) would do exactly that using a voice recorder, the Philips smartphone App or a SpeechMike handheld microphone.
  • The author would then send the dictation file to their typist or PA using the SpeechExec dictation system.
  • The typist would transcribe the document and request the author’s approval of the completed document.  This document can also be displayed in the author’s smartphone App for easy approval too!
speechexec enterprise

The back end speech recognition workflow

SpeechExec Enterprises’ second workflow option is back-end speech recognition using Dragon Professional Anywhere. It works like this:

  • The author captures their dictation in the same way as the transcription workflow method.
  • Rather than send it to a typist, they send it through to the Dragon Professional Anywhere.
  • The speech recognition engine automatically transcribes the audio-file creating the typed document
  • The document and audio are ready for the author to approve and send almost instantaneously or it can be handled by a typist. 
speechexec enterprise

The front end speech recognition workflow

Thirdly, is the ability to dictate in real time within a traditional dictation transcription workflow.

This allows an author to dictate with Dragon Professional Anywhere and see their words appear on the screen, they can approve and make revisions in one sitting however there is still the link to a typist where the typist can finish and distribute the document. It works like this:

  • The author uses a SpeechMike handheld microphone to dictate into the SpeechExec dictation window.
  • The words appear on the screen in real time
  • The author can make revisions and then approve the text
  • The text and the audio are sent to a typist for them to review and format and then distribute
speechexec enterprise

The pure speech recognition workflow

Lastly, we have the front-end speech recognition workflow that focuses solely around using Dragon Professional Anywhere. It works like this:

  • The author uses the Dragon desktop app and a SpeechMike handheld microphone to dictate their words.
  • The author can be using any of their desktop applications such as email, Word documents, CRMs. 
  • The words appear on the screen in real time and the document is formed as they speak.
  • The author can then approve the document / email instantly and send it to the desired recipient.

Benefits of SpeechExec Enterprise 7

We’re running this half price promotion for a limited time only so if you think SpeechExec Enterprise could be an excellent addition to your business’s workflow, please contact us to discuss further and to request pricing.

We’d be more than happy to offer our Workflow Consultancy Service and advise you how SpeechExec could work for you.

speechexec enterprise

April 9, 2021
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