Winscribe Cloud Services (Software as a Service)

Alternatively, clients can elect to subscribe to Winscribe Cloud Services, a cloud-based SaaS offering. Winscribe Cloud Services is designed for organisations that do not want to invest in internal systems, but would rather take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, including:

– Less IT time spent managing and deploying software
– Free software upgrades
– Reduced IT resource needs
– Reduced upfront and ongoing costs
– Reduced server and hardware expenditures


Winscribe cloud services screen shot


Winscribe dictation comparison between served (On Premise) licence versus Cloud Service

Winscribe cloud matrix 1


Winscribe cloud matrix 2


Winscribe Cloud services provides a secure hosted dictation service which is priced on a per user per annum basis, this annual fee includes support and all upgrades so you are never in a situation where you need to buy an upgrade.  A variety of input devices can be used including fixed USB microphones, digital voice recorders and smartphones.