Olympus DR II Microphones

Olympus DR II Microphones

The Olympus DR II microphones USB fixed have built on the solid foundation that was laid by the predecessor the Olympus DR microphones. While the original Olympus DR microphones excelled by being simple to use, reliable and secure the Olympus DR II microphones take this to a new level and set the standard in terms of the durable and ergonomic design, operability and excellent audio quality.

Main Features of Olympus DR II Microphones

Enhanced Productivity

  • Cutting edge microphone and voice processing technology ensure best results in speech recognition and transcription, thus reducing manual corrections and keeping them to a minimum
  • The Olympus DR II microphones has been developed and based on an ergonomic design study:
  • Body shape and weight optimised for long operating times
  • Optimised button layout for most comfortable and intuitive operations
  • Large trackball makes navigation easier, especially across larger screens
  • Symmetrical design allows for optimal use for both right and left handed users
  • Bar code module enables automatic allocation of voice files to client, case or patient record (Only available on DR 2300)

Superior Audio

  • Next generation of microphone, optimised for human and software automated dictation
  • Noise cancelling, voice optimised audio processing for best speech recognition results
  • Powerful integrated speaker with sensitive volume control for clear playback

Speech Recognition

  • Olympus has worked in close cooperation with leading speech recognition software manufacturers to optimise the microphone design.
  • As a result of this the Olympus DR II Microphones features automatic speech recognition which is more accurate than ever. Meaning you will lose less time correcting

Reliable Quality

  • Olympus products are designed for heavy duty use and treatment
  • Slide switch on rubber rollers allows precise, virtually noise free operation. This also minimises wear and increases switch reliability
  • Olympus recognises the need for reliable equipment and so even the simple things like USB and trackballs go through rigorous testing
  • Extensive quality management pays off: with unbeatable low repair and service rates Olympus sets standards in the voice recording industry

Powerful Integration & Software Solution

  • Easy integration into corporate workflow systems
  • To optimise your workflow and operations, all buttons and LEDS are programmable
  • Works with Olympus digital dictation software to immeadiately establish a dictation workflow


DR-1200_silver_front_Master                                                   DR-1200_desk_2_Master SMALL


Olympus DR II Microphones and Dragon

Olympus DRII Microphones are an excellent choice of microphone to be used in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software. The Olympus DRII Microphones have received the highest rating of 6 *. This means that the Olympus DR II microphone achieves a higher percentage of accuracy over it’s predecessor. This was achieved by working closely with leading speech recognition manufacturers, allowing for the best possible design of the microphone. Along with this the Olympus DR II Microphones feature automatic speech recognition which facilitates more accurate speech recognition. This all means that you will correct less and become more efficient.


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The are several models of the Olympus DR II Microphones available. These are the DR 1200, DR 2100, DR 2200 & DR 2300. The DR 1200 is operated via a push button. Whereas the other models are operated by a slide switch. There is a trigger on the back which allows the user to use it as a left mouse click. Along with this on the DR 1200, DR 2200 and DR 2300 there are track balls which allow the user to control the mouse pointer. Furthermore, a separate barcode scanner is available to fit on the back of the DR 2300 to allow for bar code scanning capabilities.


The DR Microphones can be purchased with the ODMS for clients – Dictation software or without software.

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