Olympus has a range of professional dictation recorders, as an Olympus Pro Line partner VoicePower is able to supply and support you with your chosen Olympus hardware.

With clear and simple operation, the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 models are designed to seamlessly integrate into a company’s digital workflow for maximum efficiency and productivity.  The Olympus digital voice recorders can be used with the Olympus ODMS dictation software or alongside the Winscribe digital dictation solution.

The Olympus DS 7000 and DS-3500 have 2” colour TFT LCD screens with 65,000 colours and white LED backlight.  The main commands are easily operated with the thumb; either via a precise slider switch on the DS-7000 model or via a push button control on the DS-3500. The DS-7000 comes with a docking station as standard for desktop dictation convenience and the DS-3500 has a docking cradle available as an accessory.  The Olympus DS-7000  and DS-3500 provide exceptional security for business-sensitive recordings. In addition to a PIN-based device lock function, they feature 256-bit AES data encryption (only with DSS Pro). This means files can be automatically encrypted in real time during the recording process. There are up to 20 pre-definable worktypes with 10 items each allowing precise dictation tagging to guarantee both a high level of data security and quick search and find.
Improvements over previous models include:
• Lithium-ion battery offering a faster charge, and longer battery life
• Improved slide switch design
• 256 bit encryption
• Faster file downloading

Olympus Digital Voice RecordersOlympus Digital Voice RecordersOlympus Digital Voice Recorder

The Olympus DS-7000 digital voice recorder is available as an individual item which can be used in conjunction with existing dictation systems such as Winscribe and Bighand.   If there is no existing dictation system the DS 7000 recorder is available with the ODMS R6 Dictation Module which offers complete digital integration with a powerful, user-friendly virtual control panel for dictation management. The ODMS is easy to install and manage, and is compatible with a range of platforms, including support for Citrix/WTS and Thin Clients.  Files can be automatically downloaded according to pre-set rules and sent via email, LAN, ftp and more.

Geared for Dragon speech recognition software, this module also provides access to timesaving speech recognition – in both real-time and background modes. Please note that the Dragon speech recognition must be purchased separately.

The Olympus DS-3500 digital voice recorder is also available in the range, this model features all the same security features and functionality features as the DS-7000 but this model is a push button control.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

The DS 7000 and DS-3500 digital voice recorders can be coupled with the Olympus AS 7000 secretarial transcription set.

Key Features
• 2″ full colour display (65,000 colours)
• Precise 4 position slide switch
• 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
• Digital Voice Recorder in full metal body
• Dedicated docking station with easy and light connection feeling
• Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
• Geared for Dragon Naturally Speaking
• Device lock by PIN code
• Editing functions (overwrite/insert/delete/security lock)
• Convenient PC data transfer via USB docking station
• Customise functions to user needs
• Hands free dictation with optional footswitch
• Full integration into professional workflow possible

Optional WLAN SD Cards

FlashAir SD Cards are available as an option for the DS 7000 in place of a standard SD card. The FlashAir SD Card has the capability and functionality to allow wireless data transfer from the card to PC, Laptop or Tablet. When not wirelessly connected to a network this card functions as a standard SD card.

Key Features
• Wireless data transfer function – this is undertaken using a standard WLAN communication
• Easy wireless setup
• Low power consumption
• Multiple connections


Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS)

The Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) manages the transfer of dictations recorded on the Olympus Dictation app for iPhone and Android. This app is ideal for when you need to do some unexpected dictation and do not have your professional dictation device with you. Once the dictation is complete you can then send it to be transcribed and push it in to your organisations work flow.

Key Features
• Dictation on the go via Olympus Dictation smartphone app for iPhone and Android
• Secure dictations and transfers
• Subscription based licensing



Professional Services
VoicePower Ltd is an Olympus Pro Line Dealer offering consultancy services alongside set up, installation and end user support. Should you require additional information or guidance on the best dictation systems to suit your needs/assistance with implementation, please contact us directly to discuss.

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